It’s the eighties and Groom Lake is full of secrets. Outside of the public view and working in the dark, the Special Access Projects of Area 51 become the go-to solutions for some of our nation’s most sensitive problems. The Nighthawks are one of those options. With North Korea increasing their tactical nuclear capability and the President demanding information, General Mitchell goes once again to his Top Secret arsenal to get results.

John Harbour crafts a provocative thriller that provides insight into the personal toll that duty and honor demand of those who work in the black, and those who risk their lives to bring them home. The Nighthawks.

The Last Trout

This story challenges the reader to evaluate the definition of compassion in current society during a long afternoon of trout fishing on the Willowemoc in the Catskills.

The Source

John Harbour's short fiction, The Source, begins with Jim Miller receiving an email alert from Twitter -- "The Source (@ThisIsTheSource) is now following you on Twitter!" Filled with wisdom and inspiration The Source follows the social media conversation while Jim explores the questions of existence with his new, mysterious follower. What if wisdom came in the form of 140 characters or less and you could question anything? What would you ask?

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